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Helping experienced traders maximise earning potential by teaching the right tools, mindset and modality for success.

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The WaveCycleTrader Solution

Trading doesn't suit everyone.

The risk can be high. It can take a lot of work to make a profit.

What if you could minimise the risk and wasted effort, maximising your results?

WaveCycleTrader clients don't take unnecessary risks. They use our tried and tested tools, indicators and methodology, to get the best out of the market.


Learn the right way

Our comprehensive training courses take you through every step of your learning journey. Refer back and refresh your knowledge any time.

Watch the experts trade

Our best traders produce daily, intraday and weekly video updates of the trades they make themselves.

Be in good company

Our live trading room and forums allow users to discuss and share resources in real time.

Our Members Say

A little more detail...

Here’s a full list of features our members have access to:

Regular Market Updates

Our trading team produce daily, intraday and weekly market update videos. Get notified by email every time a new video is released.

Modality & Mindset Training

Multi-level, step-by-step training courses, guiding you through the methods and mindset required to succeed. You can revisit these and refresh your knowledge anytime.

Access to the Experts

Our live trading room and chat threads allow users to discuss the market with traders when presenting. Ask questions, share charts and more.

Seamless Integration with our
Revolutionary Charting Software

We have designed and perfected our own powerful charting software, TradingVision. Simplifying our users' workflow by connecting these two platforms.

Our Unique Indicators Bundle

Members who choose not to use TradingVision have the option to purchase our indicators to use in TradingView and MotiveWave.

Tailored Subscriptions

Adjust your experience to suit you - adding or taking away features any time.


WaveCycleTrader is a comprehensive service providing real time actionable trading analysis using our proven strategy and proprietary software applications & tools. We provide access to comprehensive training tutorials as well as access to our immersive Live Charting & Trading Rooms giving traders the advantageous edge required to succeed in todays challenging markets.

We embrace traders and investors from a wide range of backgrounds with all levels of experience. Our comprehensive courses, resources and immersive live environment are aimed to take you from wherever you are in your trading journey now and guide you to where you wish to be.

It is important that you understand the risks involved in trading irrespective of the amount of capital you have available and that you manage risks according to your individual circumstances. We aim to provide you with the tools and knowledge to minimise & control the risks necessarily involved when trading and to identify low risk high probability opportunities in the markets irrespective of the size of your trading account. We have members ranging from those that are relatively inexperienced with smaller account sizes through to professional money managers dealing with multi million dollar portfolios.

Yes, once you have subscribed to any of our services you can then manage your own account from within the portal. You can add or remove subscriptions, purchase additional training courses and resources or cancel subscriptions at any time.

Yes. Once you have paid for a training course you will have ongoing access to all those materials irrespective of your continued subscription(s) to our services.

Yes. We have an interactive Chat Room where members of our team will answer any of the ongoing questions you have. We also cover members questions and requests during our Live Presentation sessions which we run every day of the trading week.

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